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Live Comedy shows are amazing! These performers dedicate their lives to making you laugh. There’s no replacement for being in the audience while a comedian does their thing! Use these helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your next Ipockolyptic Productions show! (Or any stand up comedy show, really.)

1. Get your tickets early: Many shows give a discount for buying your tickets online ahead of time. Which means if you wait and pay at the door you’ll be paying more! Plus, comedy shows can sell out. No one likes to arrive at a show to find out there’s no more seats! So, get your tickets early and guarantee your seat.

2. Get there early: Comedy audiences tend to rush a bar 10-15 minutes before a show starts. So, get in there early and don’t wait in line as long. This also helps you get first dibs on seats. 

IMG_20171226_195551_3583. Sit in the front row: Most comedians can only see the first couple rows of a venue, because of the stage lighting. Not only will comedians appreciate seeing your smiling face, but they will also give you more eye contact and attention. I can hear your objection. No, just because you’re sitting in the front row of a comedy show doesn’t mean that the comedians are going to roast you.

4. Don’t Heckle: This is what gets you roasted by comedians. Some people think they are being helpful by yelling out during a comedians set, but you are really setting yourself up for embarrassment. Whether you are being mean spirited and heckling or you’re being good spirited and trying to help, it won’t be greeted with appreciation.

5. Turn Off Your Phone: Nothing flips the “roast switch” on a comic more than a phone going off during a set. They will find you, and they will roast you.

6. Don’t chat with your table mate: It’s so tempting to chat with your friends. Chatting during a comedy show is a great way to miss out on the funny. You don’t want to be the only people in the room not laughing. Plus, the audience around you won’t appreciate it either. This may come as a surprise, but the comedians can hear you chatting as well. You’ll may just get the same treatment as a heckler. Just sayin’.

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Photo Credit: Arton Photography

7. Stick around after the show: Especially in local and regional shows, you can usually talk to the comics after. You can shake the hands of your favorite performer and maybe even get a picture! Sometimes comics will also be selling merchandise after the show, so they’ll be by their tables just waiting to chat!

8. Sign up for the mailing lists: Some show producers and clubs have mailing lists just like any other business. You can get some sweet discounts on future tickets and find out about shows!

Katy Ipock HeadshotKaty Ipock is the owner of Ipockolyptic Productions. She produces open mics and showcases in Central Oregon. A comic herself, she has performed throughout Oregon. You can hear Katy on KPOV, High Desert Community Radio (88.9FM) on Tuesday afternoons hosting the Dog and Pony Show, a radio program dedicated to local live entertainment. You can also catch Katy the announcers table at a Lava City Roller Dolls Game, as the official voice of the Lava City Roller Dolls! Occasionally you might catch her on the dance floor of the local country bar or chasing waterfalls against the advice for TLC.

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