E2 – Basic Rules of Stand Up Comedy

Today, Mom gets preachy! I’m going over the basic rules of open mic comedy, and touch on the semi-pro side as well. We all know rules suck. If you are performing stand up comedy, you are likely a rebel. I get it. This episode will help you get a leg up and keep you out of trouble. At least with me.

As always: Take your vitamins, take care of yourself, and don’t be a dick on stage.

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How To Get The Most Out Of A Comedy Show

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Live Comedy shows are amazing! These performers dedicate their lives to making you laugh. There’s no replacement for being in the audience while a comedian does their thing! Use these helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your next Ipockolyptic Productions show! (Or any stand up comedy show, really.)

1. Get your tickets early: Many shows give a discount for buying your tickets online ahead of time. Which means if you wait and pay at the door you’ll be paying more! Plus, comedy shows can sell out. No one likes to arrive at a show to find out there’s no more seats! So, get your tickets early and guarantee your seat.

2. Get there early: Comedy audiences tend to rush a bar 10-15 minutes before a show starts. So, get in there early and don’t wait in line as long. This also helps you get first dibs on seats. 

IMG_20171226_195551_3583. Sit in the front row: Most comedians can only see the first couple rows of a venue, because of the stage lighting. Not only will comedians appreciate seeing your smiling face, but they will also give you more eye contact and attention. I can hear your objection. No, just because you’re sitting in the front row of a comedy show doesn’t mean that the comedians are going to roast you.

4. Don’t Heckle: This is what gets you roasted by comedians. Some people think they are being helpful by yelling out during a comedians set, but you are really setting yourself up for embarrassment. Whether you are being mean spirited and heckling or you’re being good spirited and trying to help, it won’t be greeted with appreciation.

5. Turn Off Your Phone: Nothing flips the “roast switch” on a comic more than a phone going off during a set. They will find you, and they will roast you.

6. Don’t chat with your table mate: It’s so tempting to chat with your friends. Chatting during a comedy show is a great way to miss out on the funny. You don’t want to be the only people in the room not laughing. Plus, the audience around you won’t appreciate it either. This may come as a surprise, but the comedians can hear you chatting as well. You’ll may just get the same treatment as a heckler. Just sayin’.

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7. Stick around after the show: Especially in local and regional shows, you can usually talk to the comics after. You can shake the hands of your favorite performer and maybe even get a picture! Sometimes comics will also be selling merchandise after the show, so they’ll be by their tables just waiting to chat!

8. Sign up for the mailing lists: Some show producers and clubs have mailing lists just like any other business. You can get some sweet discounts on future tickets and find out about shows!

Katy Ipock HeadshotKaty Ipock is the owner of Ipockolyptic Productions. She produces open mics and showcases in Central Oregon. A comic herself, she has performed throughout Oregon. You can hear Katy on KPOV, High Desert Community Radio (88.9FM) on Tuesday afternoons hosting the Dog and Pony Show, a radio program dedicated to local live entertainment. You can also catch Katy the announcers table at a Lava City Roller Dolls Game, as the official voice of the Lava City Roller Dolls! Occasionally you might catch her on the dance floor of the local country bar or chasing waterfalls against the advice for TLC.

Super Fight Mic – Official Rules

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Official Rules

Super Fight Mic

Updated January 29th


Contact: Katy Ipock – Producer/Host




Event Overview:

Established and up-and-coming comedians will see if they have what it takes to become the winner of Super Fight Mic! The qualifying rounds of this local comedy competition will be held at Craft Kitchen & Brewery. They will be held once a month through April. The final round will be in May at Craft Kitchen & Brewery.

Age Requirements:  This event is open to 18+.

Performance Requirements: Any person interested in competiting is welcome to perform. (Including established comedians, up-and-coming comedians, and those who have never done stand up before.) If you are chosen as one of the winners, you are welcome to perform in our Final Round.

Order of performance:  Comics will be able to sign up for a qualifying round at 7:30 the day of the show. There will be no more than 8 available slots in each qualifying round. At 7:50pm the sign ups will be closed, and a random order will be generated. There will also be 2 alternate slots available for sign up as well. If someone is unable to perform, an alternate will take their place. If all performers are completed before 9pm, the alternates will be available to perform. There will be one slot made availabe the day before a qualifier, for anyone who will be traveling over 100 miles. This slot is first come first serve, and perference will be given to anyone who has not had a chance to qualify previously. This will be at the discretion of Katy Ipock and the production team for Super Fight Mic.

Judging:  The winner of a qualifer will be chosen by audience participation. Katy Ipock is responsible for breaking any ties. For the Final Round, your performance will be rated in five different categories on a scale of 1-5 by a panel of judges, 1 being the lowest point and 5 being the highest in (1) stage presence, (2) delivery of material, (3) content/originality, (4) adherence to time/rules and (5) audience response. The performer with the highest score will be the winner of Super Fight Mic.

Qualifier Shows:  Those performing will be asked to perform 5-10 minute sets. The winner will be chosen by audience participation. The winner will be asked to perform in the Final Round. If a comic does not get chosen, they are welcome to try to qualify again. Preference of performance will be given to comics who have not performed in a qualifying round previously, if we run out of slots. Any comic who goes over 10 minutes will be disqualified from qualifying that round. If you go over time, the comic will be welcome to try again in another round.

Final Round:  Those performing in the Final Round will be asked to prepare 15-20 minute sets and a single winner will be named winner of Super Fight Mic! The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. The winner of the Final Round will recieve a $200 cash prize, a headshot package from Rhiannon Westcott Photography, and a training from The First Click.

Release for Media:  Any video, photographs and or audio taken from the SFM series can be used at the discretion of Katy Ipock to promote and advertise the SFM series in its entirety. It may also be used to promote Ipockolyptic Productions. Comics featured in this media are also welcome to use any video, photographs or audio of themselves for their own promotion.

Content/Material Requirements:  All material must be original. Katy Ipock has the right to disqualify you immediately for any material demeed unoriginal. If you have any questions in regards to material, contact Katy Ipock for review.

As a participant, I understand and agree to all rules outlined and will accept the decision of the voting audience and judges as the final decision. By performing in Super Fight Mic, you agree to these rules and conditions.


PRESS RELEASE – Comedy Benefit for Grandma’s House

The Shi-t Show

Comedy Show To Benefit Grandma’s House of Central Oregon

Local comedian prepares to shave her head if goal is met

Ipockolyptic Productions is producing a comedy benefit for show Grandma’s House of Central Oregon. The show will be Monday, July 17th at Northside Bar & Grill, starting at 6:00pm and going until approximately 8:30pm. Audience members are encourage to bring a package of diapers, any size or brand, and/or toilet paper in lieu of a cover charge. Without the donation, the show cost is either a 2 drink minimum or $5 cover. The show will be hosted by Howard Leff, who is a favorite at Northside Bar & Grill and around town. There will be up to 12 comedians performing including: Cody Parr, Katy Ipock, Stan Whitton, Scott Feldstein.

Grandma’s House, a non-profit which provides safe shelter to homeless or abused pregnant, parenting, and adopting young women in Central Oregon, always needs toilet paper and diapers of all sizes. If fifty packages of diapers and/or toilet paper are donating during the show, the owner of Ipockolyptic Productions will be shaving her head live on stage.

The show, titled “The Sh*T Show,” is a pre-show party to support the yearly “Animal’s Run” which is also at Northside Bar & Grill in August.

“It is amazing to be able to take our talents and time and be able to use them to help other people. Even if this event is a little tongue-in-cheek, it is still helping out a great cause!”

Katy Ipock

“I have always daydreamed about what my head might look like without hair. I’m excited to discover the answer in front of an audience.”

Katy Ipock

You can find the event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1966799760233908/

For more information the media can contact the event organizer at 541-749-8611 or send an email to ipockolypticproductions@gmail.com.



PRESS RELEASE – Ipockolyptic Production’s First Show, “Comedy Pre-Party”


Local comics perform in the first production

Ipockolyptic Productions is hosting “Comedy Pre-Party”, the first show for the company. Katy Ipock, a lifelong Bend Resident, is producing and hosting the show. She is known for being the producer behind “The Roast of 2016” and “Super Fight Mic.” The comedians performing at “Comedy Pre-Party” include: Chelsea Woodmansee, Dave Felton, Cody Parr, Howard Leff and Ryan Davis. Katy Ipock will be hosting.

“Comedy Pre-Party” will be Monday June 5th, 2017. The show begins at 6:30pm and is expecting to go until 8:30pm. It will be held at Northside Bar & Grill.

Northside Bar & Grill host comedy shows every Monday night, and have been an amazing supporter of the growing comedy scene in Central Oregon. Katy Ipock has been performing comedy for a year and a half, and has been producing comedy shows for Central Oregon Comedy Scene since April, 2016.

“This is an amazing time for comedy in Central Oregon. The talent here is phenomenal, and it really is one of the best places to cut your teeth in the craft. I am proud to bring humor and joy to the town that helped make me who I am.” – Katy Ipock

About Ipockolyptic Productions

Ipockolyptic Productions is run by Katy and Kris Ipock, both lifelong residents of the area. They pride themselves on being serious about the funny business. They are available for both public events and private parties. To learn more about the company visit http://www.ipockolypticproductions.com.]